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Week starting Dec 31, 2017

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Mar 14, 2017



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5k: 0:17:48   

17:15 (Cedar)

1600: 5:09


1500: 4:45 (UVU)


400: 57 Seconds 

800: 0:2:14

2:12 (PV Invite)

Short-Term Running Goals:


Have fun and get faster for the sake of enjoying running

Maintain sanity throughout college

Grow an inch taller so I at least have a chance at being able to dunk

Long-Term Running Goals:


To run an Ultra Marathon

To contribute to building up a good running communitty at the U



Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 72.10 Year: 72.10
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57 minutes Death Run 

Todays run was my favorite yet. It felt so good to just get out and push myself as hard as I could for our workout. I hope we do that one again sometime. One thing I enjoyed a ton was the nervousness before the workout. I'd not felt that in quite a while so that was exciting. When we started the run we were pushing rediculously fast. Our first mile was a 5 36 ,and our second was a 6. After a while we died down a bit, but overall I felt solid. I stuck with coach Logan and Jose the majority of the time. Eventually, they made a hard move and I fell off. Scottie ended up catching me and thinking I had another lap I stuck close behind him hoping to outrun him. Unfortunately, I was in last and didn't know it. I think this is a good lesson because it teaches me to never postpone making a quick move in a race. I was little frusturated with where I got out, but also pleased at the same time which is a good thing because I think that this helps me aknowledge that I pushed myself and did well but can strive for much more. Also I matched my 5k record and am SUPER pumped about that. I'm glad to be picking up where I last left off. Unfortunately, I've been getting some terrible knee pains in my left knee probably from ramping up the minutes so quickly since I wasn't around all XC season. I'm hoping to keep my minutes a little lower than everyone else for at least a short period of time so I don't screw myself up again. Thats my main worry about this year. I just am hoping to have one season where I'm injury free. I'm going to try and work toward this by taking some serious time to stretch and ice. Today I spent nearly an hour doing that. Overall today was a great challenge. I'm happy where I ended up at ,but I definately won't settle. I want to be able to do more and stick with the very top guys all the time. This will take some commintment not only in workouts but also stretching and recovery. It'll be hard but I know it's worth it. I can't wait for tomorrow this time my goal is to not postpone a chance to move up whenever it comes. 

Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00Calories: 0.00
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Total Distance

53 minutes 

The 6 Minute Test 1800m



One Good Thing: I was always on the attack going after somebody rather than trying to avoid being passed. I didn't get passed once and almost caught Nathan while pushing forward. 

One Negative Thing: I could've kicked a little earlier and still think I could've gone faster. I wish I'd placed maybe one spot ahead of where I did. 


I'm finally going back to reflect on friday's race. I have some mixed feelings about the race , just like the thursdays death run. The good side of things is that during this race I met my goal of not procrastinating pushing up to the next group, I moved up one spot from the day before, I'm not hurting horribly, and I was ten seconds off a PR even after Thursdays competition. The bad thing about my run is I would have liked to still place higher, maybe up by Mikey and Alex, but I think that is a good thing because it means I have definable goals that are attainable. I was only a good 40 meters behind Nathan and maybe 60-70 meters behind Mikey and Alex which makes me happy cause I know I have the ability to stick with those guys still. Looking at that, I am really picking up where I left off which I am happy about ,but I am going to keep pushing for more. I am trying to make sure I am never just comfortable where I am resulting in settling. One of my favorite things about this race is that I was never comfortable sitting where I was and just avoiding getting passed. I really focused in on who was ahead of me and tried to go after them. It was such an awesome feeling. I couldn't believe how much better I did really focusing in on that. Another thing that really helped me was at my hardest moment during the race I thought to myself that I could choose an easy out and hurt myself in the long run or I could choose the harder decision and end up better off overall. This helped me keep pushing through. Overall, I was fairly happy with the race. 


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Total Distance

75 minutes 

Fun run, but I'm feeling really frustrated. I've been feeling the same pain I was feeling when my injury was starting to happen last season in my left leg rather than my right leg this past week. I think it's from being to ambitious with the minutes. I tried ramping up fairly quickly. I might consider cross training the next two or so days instead of just running which unfortunately probably means pool running for me. We'll see how it goes though I'm going to talk to coach tomorrowz

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