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December 2017

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Mar 14, 2017



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Highschool Champ

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Goal: To break 17 in a 5k early on this season. To race varsity. 


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To run and Ultra Marathon

To continue running throughout my life 




Running is good.

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I did 53ish minutes today at an average of 7:15 pace. It was a killer run. I didn't run yesterday because I was having some major leg pain and am trying to be reserved about jumping back into things. It was a bummer, but other than that I've done every run so far. today I did my workout in place of the recovery run. It was awesome. I went a low 7 pace till I hit the river trail , and then from there, I picked it up big time. As soon as I hit the trail, I kicked my pace into high gear trying to go as fast as I could go. At first I was running at a 6:30 pace and then I got excited and dropped it even further after a couple of minutes. Soon I was sub 6 pace. I maintained that for about half a mile and then rose back up to a 6:10ish pace and kept that going the rest of the time. My tempo portion of this workout was an average of 6:15 pace! It was absolutely awesome. I always get nervous that my pace won't be as good when I'm not with the team, but today was a good reminder that I am able to go just as fast individually as with the team. 

Today also reminded me of something coach robs said about alli during the dream mile. He said that when she ran she seemed " not to know any better. " What he meant by this is she seemed to forget about her limits and just run the very best she could despite all the other factors that could be used as reasons why she shouldn't be able to outrun the senior, varsity girls. Today I felt like I tapped into that a little bit. When I ran my tempo, it felt like I was running just for the heck of pushing myself rather than a pace or some goal. It helped me forget about whatever limits I may have and just enjoy what I'm doing. Very rarely did I check my watch for pace or time left. It was a good moment and tactic for me something I hope to carry on as the season progresses. 

During the tempo portion I also made sure I never thought it was ok if I ALMOST reached my goal of running the full 15 minutes at an average of low 6 pave. Often times I feel like I die off right at the end, so I think this helped me avoid that a little bit. As I finished the tempo poriton of my run I was very close to throwing up, yet luckily held it in. I was pretty spent and pulling off the last half of my run was pretty rough. I followed some guys on scooters for a while to keep pace and by the end, I'd cramped up hard in my stomacht. It was good though it let me know I pushed myself beyond my typical limtis. Overall, todays run was really solid. It was one of those runs where you get caught up in the moment, pushing yourself harder and harder as you go. I'm really feeling like I'm getting back into things again and getting a good flow with my runs. 

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60 Minutes:

Today was difficult for sure. I ran down the main road outside of the lake house that were staying at till I hit the base of the mountains ,and then I flipped. My legs have been hurting quite a bit the past couple of days, so I've tried to continue stretching. It makes me a little nervous especially because everyone was doing much more than me before we stopped running for the break, but I'm hoping to keep up with the rapid pace at which we are increasing our minutes by. My legs were feeling pretty decent and had loosened up a lot by the time I made it back. 

When I got back, I sat down and read some more of Running & Philosophy. It's been a while since I've gotten the chance to read the book because I've been so busy trying knock out other books for AP Lit. I'm glad to habe finally picked it up again. 

I read two chapters today. The first talked about running and the significance of running outdoors as well as what it has to offer over running on a treadmill. One of my favorite points the book discussed was thinking while running. The author spoke about how people on treadmills often try to entertain themselves ,while excersising, with media such as music, TV, and magazines, but they seem to be missing one of the most incredible parts of getting to run- having the time to reflect as well as be in the moment. The book proposed the question " Why would you distract yourself from something you voluntariy chosen to do?" This resonated with me quite a bit. I always enjoy getting the time to reflect on what I've been learning in class while running as well as getting to try and think about the information in new ways. Getting to experience the run itself is also a very unique experience that I feel gives me the opportunitty to grow. Throughout the run I always enjoy experiencing the sheer challenge of pushing myself as well as the runners high that comes with it. I also enjoy how distinct each run is. I feel I find something new to enjoy every time I go out. The chapter expounds upon these concepts pointing out the fun in running in a spontaneous manner and the adventerous possibilities that are assosiated with each run while relating both ideas to the writings of Henry David Thoreau and William James. 

The second chapter deals more with a theological perspective of philosophy and relates a few bible texts into philosophical ideas. At first, the chapter talks about three societal perspectives on life: postmodernism, monotheism, and scientific naturalism. It then brings up the concept on the empty self which is the feeling of disconnect with a communitty bringing an individual to a state of strong individualism where the person often is cinical towards society and unhappy. It then related different approaches to happiness to the typical unhappy American making an argument against Hedonistic approaches to happiness by stating that being happy also takes an element of self elevation through work and perosonal development. It then related running to different spirtual disiplinces which I found very interesting because I've often heard of people relating running to religous experience. The chapter brought up concepts of engagment and disengagment in religion and how they can be used in running, i.e. a runner may disengage from eating sugar or drinking soda and engage in stretching, cross-training, blogging, and racing. The conclusion was that running is a process of finding meaning and happiness in life through disiplined practice. I enjoyed this chapter as it pointed out that happiness often comes as a biproduct of ambitions and attempting to do the best you can in life, not necessarily your direct attempts to be happy. Additionally, I thought the empty-self was very intriguing as I feel as though I've encountered this with myself sometimes. Running has certainly been a good way of dealing with it. 

Also Just realized I've been blogging on the wrong days of the week haha. I would go change it but I wrote a lot and am really not feeling up to chaning it all.


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